'Real Heroes' coin honours US Coast Guard


03 June 2023
As part of the immensely popular 'Real Heroes' coin series, the fourth issue pays tribute to rescue swimmers all over the world, especially those serving in the United States Coast Guard.

As one of the six military services, members of the United States Coast Guard have fulfilled their unique duty as both a security and humanitarian force protecting America in domestic and international waters for over 100 years.

While it is involved in all aspects of enforcing U.S. law and trade on high seas, the United States Coast Guard is best known for its daring search and rescue operations including medical evacuations, downed aviators, sinking vessels, floods and hurricanes. To this day, these real heroes save countless lives in need, true to their motto «So others may live».

In addition to the sold-out Black Proof silver edition, the series will be expanded to 1-ounce gold, 1-ounce platinum, 5-ounce Black Proof gold and individually numbered 1-kg silver editions.

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