Your guide to Peter Rabbit 50p coins


19 October 2021
The much-loved character Peter Rabbit, created by Beatrix Potter, has hopped his way on to a number of British 50p coins. So how many are there and how much are they worth? Find out in our guide to the Peter Rabbit 50p.

First issued in 2016, the Beatrix Potter 50p coins became hugely popular thanks to the subject - thousands of us grew up reading about the cheeky bunny and his friends - and the growing appeal of collecting 50p coins, sparked by the ambitious London 2012 Olympics 50p series.

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How many 50p coins does Peter Rabbit appear on?

As the main character in Beatrix Potter's illustrated books, it's no surprise that Peter Rabbit appears on more 50p coins than his friends. In fact, there are four circulation 50p coins featuring Peter Rabbit, as follows:

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2016 Beatrix Potter Portrait 50p coin

This design was one of five 50p coins issued to mark the 150th anniversary of Beatrix Potter's birth. The coin's design, by Emma Noble, features 'BEATRIX POTTER' and the years of her life, 1866 to 1943.

The design also features a profile portrait of Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit can be seen at the bottom of the design. It's a rather small depiction of the cheeky rabbit, but he's there!

This 50p coin had a mintage of 6,900,000
Approximate value: 50p - £1.50

2016 Peter Rabbit 50p coin

Also issued in 2016, this coin features a much larger image of Peter Rabbit, taking up the entire reverse design, though there is just enough room for his name across the top.

Peter Rabbit 50p 2016

This 50p coin had a mintage of 9,700,000
Approximate value: 50p - 75p

2017 The Tale of Peter Rabbit 50p coin

Such was the popularity of the Beatrix Potter coins in 2016, The Royal Mint issued more coins the following year, and Peter Rabbit took centre stage again. 'The Tale of Peter Rabbit’ was Beatrix Potter’s first tale and the coin features a well known illustration of Peter Rabbit hopping along.

After the success of the coins in 2016, the 2017 coins had higher mintage figures, perhaps in a bid to meet demand.

Peter Rabbit 50p 2017

This 50p coin had a mintage of 19,900,000
Approximate value: 50p - £1

2018 Peter Rabbit 50p coin

Once again, in 2018, The Royal Mint put new Beatrix Potter coins into circulation. This time we saw Peter Rabbit munching on some radishes, much to the dismay of Mr McGregor.

Perhaps in an attempt to reignite the interest in collecting the coins, the mintages of the 2018 Beatrix Potter coins were much lower than in previous years, so the 2018 Peter Rabbit 50p is one to look out for and put aside. 

In fact, this coin and the 'Flopsy Bunny' 50p of the same year are the rarest of all the circulation Beatrix Potter 50p coins.

Peter Rabbit 50p 2018

This 50p coin had a mintage of 1,400,000.
Approximate value: £3 - £5

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There are other Peter Rabbit 50p coins for you to add to your collection, though you won't find them in your loose change as they were only issued in 'uncirculated' condition…

2019 Peter Rabbit 50p coin

Peter returned in 2019, but this time the coin was not entered into circulation. The design, once again by Emma Noble and based on an original illustration by Beatrix Potter, shows an image from ‘The Tales of Benjamin Bunny’ with Peter Rabbit holding a handkerchief which was used to take onions from the garden.


2020 Peter Rabbit 50p coin

The very final Peter Rabbit 50p was issued in 2020 and again was not entered into general circulation, meaning collectors had to buy their coin from The Royal Mint directly, or from other coin sellers.

This time we saw Peter Rabbit sneaking under the fence inMr McGregor's garden.