New release in the Sierra Leone 'African Animal Masks Series ll'


28 September 2023
The fourth coin in the series created by Pobjoy Mint features the baboon

Sierra Leone's 'African Animal Masks Series ll' celebrates some of Africa's most famous fauna.

But sadly, many species are under threat, their habitats have been reduced, and poaching and hunting have resulted in the fact that 27% of the world's endangered species are in Africa.

The fourth coin in the 'African Animal Masks Series ll' features the baboon, which is the worl'd largest monkey. 

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These noisy and sociable primates tend to live in large groups and around 30 distinct vocalisations have been noted, as well as other 'human-like' forms of communication such as shrugging and lip-smacking.

There are six coins in the new series, which features the following African Animals: Giraffe, Hipp, Antelope, Baboon, Zebra and Warthog. The observe of the coins bears the coat of arms of Sierra Leone. 

The coin has been produced by Pobjoy Mint in Stunning Virenium in a low mintage of 950, and is legal tender of Sierra Leone.