Stegosaurus on new Royal Mint 50p coin


12 February 2024
The Royal Mint, in collaboration with the Natural History Museum, has unveiled a new collectable 50p coin featuring the iconic Stegosaurus.

The latest design is part of a three-coin collection featuring the:

  • Tyrannosaurus
  • Stegosaurus 
  • Diplodocus

Each dinosaur has been designed by British paleo-artist, Robert Nicholls, with expert guidance from Professor Paul Barrett at the Natural History Museum.

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Each coin portrays a scientifically accurate reconstruction of the dinosaurs and the environment in which they lived. A selection of the coins available will feature colour.

These Dinosaur 50p coins will not be entered into general circulation.
The Stegosaurus 50p pays tribute to the Natural History Museum’s own Stegosaurus specimen, fondly referred to as ‘Sophie’, the world’s most complete Stegosaurus skeleton ever discovered.
Robert Nicholls, designer of The Royal Mint’s Dinosaur 50p coin collection said of his designs:

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“I have dedicated my life to bringing extinct animals back to life through art, I started drawing dinosaurs as soon as I could hold a pencil – it is my obsession. Any project that allows me to work with long-dead animals is a joy but having an opportunity to create collectable coins for The Royal Mint, with royal approval, is very special indeed.” 

Maxine Lister, Head of Licensing at the Natural History Museum, said:

‘We are thrilled to continue our work with The Royal Mint on the Tales of the Earth series. Dinosaurs have long since sparked feelings of curiosity and awe, and it is brilliant to see three of the most iconic specimens – including an homage to the beloved Stegosaurus ‘Sophie’ – immortalised on a 50p coin. We hope that this collection will help all, young and old, to share in the wonder of our natural world.” 
This is the third coin collection in The Royal Mint’s ‘Tales of the Earth’ series celebrating awe-inspiring ancient creatures and dinosaurs.