New South African R5 coin features old coins


01 December 2020
South Africa's new R5 coin, set to be entered into circulation on 1 January 2021 to celebrate the centenary of the South African Reserve Bank, features a design showing some of the country's classic coins.

The new coin is being issued to celebrate the centenary of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB), which was founded in 1921 to take over the creation of banknotes from private companies.

Six South African coins featured in design

The new coin features a similar design to a R5 coin issued in 2011 to mark the bank's 90th anniversary, which also showcased older South African coins. The reverse design of the new bi-metal coin, which has a diamater of 26mm and weighs 9.5g, includes:

  • A 1923 3 cents coin (issued from 1923 to 1925)
  • The R1 coin, introduced in 1961 and featuring a springbok
  • 20 cents coin featuring the image of a Royal Protea, South Africa's national flower
  • The 1c with two sparrows, inspired by a verse from the Bible
  • A R5 coin issued in 2008 and featuring a portrait of Nelson Mandela
  • A 10c coin featuring a honey bee

A collectors' sterling silver gold-plated coin will also be released with a diameter of 38.725 mm and a weight of 33g.

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