Chichibu Night Festival


24 January 2023
The Chichibu Night Festival is an annual grand festival of Chichibu-Jinja Shrine, and is celebrated on a new medal from Japan Mint.

The Chichibu Night Festival is known as one of the three great float festivals in Japan and is held on December 2 and 3 each year.

Gorgeously decorated floats in both the kasaboko (parasol-like floats) and yatai (floats with stages for performances) styles are dragged around to the sound of festival music, while kabuki plays and dances are also performed on the floats.

Extravagant fireworks also light up the winter sky. “Chichibu Matsuri no Yatai-gyojito Kagura (Floats and Kaguraof Chichibu Festival)” has been inscribed by UNESCO on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and is also designated as an Important Intangible and Tangible Folk Cultural Property by the Japanese government. 


Against the backdrop of a great bloom of fireworks lighting up the winter sky of Chichibu, the scene of kasaboko and yatai floats, with their lanterns swaying as they are dragged around, is subtly depicted in the rich color palette of five-color cloisonné.


The design depicts a gorgeous kasabokofloat, which in its entirely represents Mount Horai (Peng-lai-shan: a divine mountain where immortal celestial beings live).

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Pure Silver




Approximately160 g


Cloisonnéenamel / Gold plating

Scheduled Mintage:

(Maximum Allocation 

for Overseas Market):

500 pieces

(5 pieces)


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