Your guide to the '100 Years of Our BBC' 50p coin


10 October 2022
The centenary of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has been celebrated with the release of a collectable 50p coin. Find out more about the coin in our special guide.

The Royal Mint's 50p collectable coin marking 100 Years of Our BBC was unveiled on 10 October and features a design by artist Henry Gray paying tribute to the BBC’s global reach, with the depiction of the earth at the heart of the design.

Visit the Royal Mint website to see the range of BBC 50p coins available to buy.

Queen's portrait

The coin bears Her Late Majesty The Queen’s effigy on the obverse (heads) side of the coin due to striking prior to the passing of Queen Elizabeth, despite a new portrait of King Charles III being revealed before the coin's release. 

The Royal Mint explained:

'the 100 Years of BBC coin will feature the existing effigy people will be familiar with, in the interest of sustainability. The Royal Mint has purposefully decided not to re-strike coins that had already been produced with her Late Majesty’s effigy, to minimise waste or unnecessary environmental impact.'

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The coin's design

Since its inception in Britain in 1922, the BBC has reached audiences all over the world with its original public service mission to inform, educate and entertain. 

In recognition of its long-standing remit and 100-year milestone celebration, the inscriptions on the coin “Inform, educate, entertain”, “100 Years of Our BBC” and “1922 – 2022” appear to emanate from a broadcasting mast emerging from the earth, slightly tilted on its axis. 

The design features contrasting textures of frosting against a mirror-like table on the surface of the 50p.

Versions of the BBC 50p

The BBC 50p was made available in gold, silver and brilliant uncirculated (BU) versions, as detailed below. The coin was not put into circulation and so is only available through The Royal Mint or coin dealers, and it is unlikely you will find one in your loose change.

Gold Proof 50p
  • ALLOY: 916.7 Au
  • WEIGHT: 15.5 g
  • DIAMETER: 27.30mm
  • MINTAGE: 360
  • RRP: £1,195
Silver Proof 50p
  • ALLOY: 925 Ag
  • WEIGHT: 8.00 g
  • DIAMETER: 27.30mm
  • MINTAGE: 3,500
  • RRP: £59.50
Silver Proof Piedfort 50p
  • ALLOY: 925 Ag
  • WEIGHT: 16 g
  • DIAMETER: 27.30mm
  • MINTAGE: 1,110
  • RRP: £110
Brilliant Uncirculated 50p
  • ALLOY: Cupro-Nickel
  • WEIGHT: 8.00 g
  • DIAMETER: 27.30mm
  • MINTAGE: Unlimited
  • RRP: £11