New coins pay homage to ACDC


15 September 2019
Fans of rock band AC/DC can now add coins to their collection following the release of pieces dedicated to albums For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) and The Razors Edge.

Issued on behalf of the Cook Islands by the Liechtenstein-based company CIT Coin Invest AG, the coins are the next instalment in a series that began in 2018 to honour the hugely popular, and very loud, Australian rock band.

The $10 Razor’s Edge coin is limited to 999 copies and features an ultra-high relief effect with two different surface levels, as the company explained:

‘the band logo in the upper field almost seems as if it was chiselled, the gaping cut of the razor blade is significantly lower and forms a second surface level, on which – once again – the name of the album seems to be chiselled. This is combined with an intensive colour application. Thanks to black proof technology, the entire coin presents itself in a threatening black colour, and therefore the red cut seems to be a dangerous gaping wound.’

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The second coin, with a value of $2 and limited to 5,000 pieces, reflects the artwork to the band’s 1981 album, showing a cannon.

Meanwhile, a $2 coin in the shape of a guitar pick has also been released. The ‘coin’ is limited to 2007 pieces.

Find out more about the novelty coins at: