New £2 coin celebrates the bicentenary of astronomer William Herschel


22 September 2022
The first coin in a new Southern Constellations five-coin series features Apus – Bird of Paradise

The new £2 coin is being issued by Pobjoy Mint on behalf of the British Antarctic Territory.

The coin commemorates 200 years since the death of the German-born British astronomer Sir William Frederick Herschel, who constructed the first large telescope in 1774. In the years after its construction Herschel observed a new planet, which was named Uranus. Following its discovery, he was appointed Court Astronomer to King George lll. His many discoveries included the two satellites of Saturn.

The £2 coin features the Apus constellation, represented by a bird of paradise. The constellation is shown beneath the bird, and an image of the compass as it would read in Antarctica. The coin has been produced in Bi-metal and Proof Fine Silver.

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