Junk box gems: a coin for Holy Roman Emperor Charles V (1506-55)


20 September 2018
Find out more about this intriguing Roman coin in our latest 'junk box gem' guide

By the time it gets to a junk box, this type of coin doesn’t usually have much legend left, but you’ll get to recognise the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V (1506-55).


This is actually a low-value copper courte, with a rampant lion on the reverse; it should read ‘CA DG V HISP REX 49 - ‘Charles V by the grace of God king of Spain 49’.

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The 49 is the date, of course it was obvious (at the time) that it must mean 1549. Just after the 49 there is a little hand in the legend, the sign of the mint of Antwerp; it can be considered as a coin of Brabant; many are for Flanders, none are for Spain as a different coinage system operated there.

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