How much is the 1992-93 Single European Market 50p coin worth?


25 June 2019
The Royal Mint issued only it's second commemorative 50p coin design in 1992 to celebrate the UK’s Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the completion of Single European Market. Find out more and how much it's worth…

It would be almost twenty years between the first and second special 50p coin designs, with the first celebrating the European Economic Community (EEC) in 1973. Once again it was to celebrate our links with Europe, this time to mark the UK’s entry into the single market. 

The design shows a table on which are placed twelve stars, linked by a network of lines to each other and also to twelve chairs around the table; in short, the countries of Europe working together.

How rare is the Single European Market 50p coin?

This coin had a very low mintage of just 109,000 and so is another must-have for a 50p collection, though it won’t be as easy to find an example due to the low mintage. Indeed, it’s one of the rarest 50p coins out there.

Examples have recently sold on eBay for between £45 and £55, with those offered in original ‘first day’ packaging attracting higher prices.

Eagle-eyed collectors will also note that the coin features not one but two years on the design ‘1992’ and ‘1993’ which adds even more appeal to this piece, and often means the coin is described as 'double dated' or 'dual dated' – this isn't an error or production quirk, it's just that the design includes both years.

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Do be aware that you definitely won't find an example of this coin in your change, as the larger format 50p coins were withdrawn from circulation in 1997 – that means there are likely to be a lot less than the 109,000 figure actually available to collectors… so it's over to internet sites such as eBay for this one.

Do pay attention to listings on internet auction sites. Some ‘reproduction’ or 'new copy' examples of the coins are being offered for around £10.99; these are not original coins but modern replicas. Avoid!

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