Hammered Coins

Your guide to hammered coins, from Celtic and Roman pieces up to the Tudor and Stuart periods, when hammered coins were replaced by milled coins.

Your guide to Hammered Coins
What is a hammered coin and how does it differ from other types of coinage? Find out more and discover some of the…
08 July 2021
Collect coins by theme: A is for Archaic
In the first of a new series on collecting coins by theme, Paula Hammond, goes back to the very beginnings of coinage…
14 June 2021
The Angel gold coin explained
Your video guide to the Angel, an English gold coin introduced by King Edward IV in 1465 which lasted until the 17th…
05 July 2020
Your quick guide to Roman coins found in Britain
Discover more about Roman coins found in Britain, when they were minted, and how you can add some examples to your own…
10 January 2019
Junk box gems: a coin for Holy Roman Emperor Charles V (1506-55)
Find out more about this intriguing Roman coin in our latest 'junk box gem' guide
20 September 2018
Collecting Roman coins: Emperor Nero's commemorative sestertii
When the gates of the Temple of Janus in Rome were closed – an event that only happened when Rome’s armies weren’t at…
10 September 2017
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