Golden Edaphosaurus – Evolution of Life


25 August 2022
The extinct creature's name means 'pavement lizard' because of its dense clusters of teeth

Edaphosaurus was a primitive herbivore that roamed the earth from the Late Carboniferous to the Early Permian Period (318 million to 271 million years ago). More than 3.5 metres in length, its most distinctive feature was a large 'sail' on its back, which may have been for camouflage, protection against predator attacks, sexual display, species recognition or regulation of body temperature. 

The 8th edition of the Evolution of Life series is a remarkable representation of the extinct mammal, showing its squat skull and spinal 'sail'.

Item 30091

Country Mongolia

Year 2022

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Face Value 1000 Togrog

Metal Gold .9999

Weight 0.5 g

Size 11 mm

Quality Proof Mintage 15000

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