Festival of Coins Expert Guides


17 September 2020
Learn about medieval coin hoards, explore the coins of Cromwell’s England, and found out where the metal in British coins came from with the Festival of Coins expert guides.

The Festival of Coins programme is now live, offering collectors an expert guide, video or exhibit every day during the month-long online event. View the programme right now and start building your knowledge and collection.

Each day the programme will be updated, with the latest coin guide becoming available to view.

Highlights of the Festival Programme for Week 1 include: 

Hidden treasures…
Thousands of hoards of medieval gold and silver coins have been found in Europe since the 1700s, filling the store rooms and cabinets of museums. But who hid these coins, and why did they do it? Dr Murray Andrews (University of Worcester) finds out in a special video presentation.

Introduction to the Money and Medals Network
Discover more about the Money and Medals Network (MMN, a Subject Specialist Network for numismatics run from the British Museum, with MMN Project Curator Henry Flynn. Plus, the story of Henry Hook.

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Where did our currency come from?
Coin Collector Editor Matt Hill talks to author Graham Birch about his new book 'The Metal in Britain's Coins'.