Decimalisation videos


14 February 2021
Discover how the British public prepared for, and were told about, decimalisation, with this fun and nostalgic collection of archive videos.

D-Day one year from now (1970)

This British Pathe clip features vox pop interviews with members of the public, and Eamonn Andrews speaks to camera about the advantages of the new system.

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Granny Gets the Point (1971)

This dramatisation, from the BFI National Archive, depicts a London family with differing thoughts and understanding of the decimal system, was commissioned by the Decimal Currency Board.

The BFI website explains:

"Centring around the Collins family, who occupy a flat on the 13th floor of a London high-rise, this film breaks no conventions in its depiction of the varying degrees of understanding and acceptance of the currency revolution by different generations. For the teenage son, Peter, with his youthful voracity for change and an aptitude for maths, the adjustment is painless. However, old habits die hard for Granny Collins, (played by Doris Hare of On the Buses (ITV, 1969-73) fame), and the notion of a floating decimal point proves somewhat impenetrable."

The new currency (1971)

This public information from the Decimal Currency Board film explains the new coinage set to be introduced on 'D-Day'.

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