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14 June 2022
Coiniverse member Lithuanian Mint gives Coiniverse users a possibility to pre-order their newest silver coin ‘Medea and Jason’s Love’. With a code ‘Coiniverse’ you will also receive a special 10% discount of this coin.

The mintage for this special silver coin is 500 pcs and it will be available for pre-order before its’ official publishing on 4 July.

Get your piece before the special offer runs out – it’s for a limited time only. You will find ‘Medea and Jason’s Love’ and almost 100.000 other coins in our renewed application. Check it out or pre-order your coin from the link below.

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The Lithuanian Mint has created a series of coins telling one of the oldest Greek myths - Jason and the Argonauts and their quest for the golden fleece. This time, we present the third coin in this series, Medea and Jason's Love, dedicated to the feeling of victorious love.

This coin is about Medea herself, her inspiring and self-sacrificing love for her beloved and its power. It was her who aided Jason in his tasks set by King Aeetes. None other than his beloved Medea helped Jason steal the fleece. It was she who used magical herbs to put the fleece-protecting dragon to sleep.

The coin is dedicated to the culmination of this special love story – the commemoration of Jason and Medea’s wedding. This moment, special to them, is depicted on the reverse of the coin. Jason and Medea are finally in each other’s arms, all adversity behind them.

The aged silver coin is decorated with a Swarovski crystal, and UV printing and high relief were also used. The obverse of the coin features a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II surrounded by climbing plants.

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