New features and a raffle!


20 December 2022
Team Coiniverse has again been working hard to deliver to the app, including an improved coin scanner, the facility to pick your favourite coins with a 'Like' button, and the ability to explore public collections. AND don't miss the Xmas raffle!

New version released

Team Coiniverse has again been working hard to deliver a bit of new and improving the existing features for you to enjoy. This release has improved scanner functionality and as a new feature both our core and shop coins can be liked. In addition there are some minor changes for better functionality here and there.

This is a great pleasure for the team as there are nearly 80.000 of you enjoying the coins with us. Hat's of for you! And if you enjoy Coiniverse, spread the word and follow us on social media to keep on track with everything going on.

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Improved Scanner

Scanner has been improved and the results layout has also been changed slightly. Now the best match for scanner result is highlighted better and the other possible choices are shown on a separate row. We are constantly improving the results, so keep on scanning new coins, it also helps us to train the scanner to become better!

Like your favourite coins

Earlier we had the option to insert a coin to one’s wish list and now we have also added a slightly easier way to save the coins you like on a list. Like-button does just that.

When you like a coin, whether in the core coins or in a shop, they are stored on your profile under likes and you can easily browse them later – and maybe even add them to your wish list. Like is found on the individual coin cards when you browse through the countries or shop.

Explore public collections

And if you yet have not found other users collections, select Explore-view and Collections-tab on top and enjoy the collections other users have made public for all to see. Maybe you would like to share some of your collections as well?

Win an exclusive Mint of Finland hoodie in the Coiniverse raffle!

In December we also encourage you to like the shop coins and participate in the Seasonal Raffle. You’ll have a great chance to win yourself an exclusive Mint of Finland hoodie that itself is a rare collectable.

We will reveal the most liked Shop coins in January and maybe your favourites are on the list.  

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