Coiniverse Pro is here


13 October 2022
Coiniverse users now have the opportunity to gain deeper insights about their coins and collections. With Coiniverse Pro, you can view coin value estimations, and enjoy from in-depth statistics for your collection.

Coiniverse has been developing as big leaps during 2022. We have added and are constantly adding new coins to the service – and are closing in on the 100,000 coin mark every day. We have improved navigation and freshened up the look and feel of the application.

Social features

Social features have also developed – there is notification feed from your network included.

And if you have not tried yet, make your profile public in the profile-view and start sharing some of your great collections with others. We believe that it is way more fun to share the joy of collecting instead keeping everything to yourself.

You can find the public collections under Explore-view and choosing the Collections-tab. There are some great collections shared already, hope there will be some inspiration for you too.

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Coin values

We’ve been also working hard to include coin values to the service and now you can find indicative prices for good amount of coins in Coiniverse. You can try this Coiniverse Pro -content free for seven days and you will also receive enhanced statistics of your collection.

If you want to keep on seeing the coin prices and statistics we have two options for you – monthly or yearly plan. We are really excited about this feature to check out the sales prices of the coins and hope it also gives you the idea of your collections value. We keep on developing the paid content and appreciate your feedback as well.

Go on and check out Coiniverse’s new features and make your collections visible to other users. We will grant you a special badge for your efforts!

Key features

Coin value estimations
With the coin value estimations, you can gain an understanding of the latest value of your coins. You can also track how coin values develop and trend over time.

Collection insights
With collection insights, you can dig deep into the data of your coins, and gain new insights on your collection with personalised stats. You will get to know where you are with others by comparing your collection with fellow collectors.

Try Coiniverse Pro for free!

You have a chance to try Coiniverse Pro for free. Opt in for a 7 day free trial period today!