Coiniverse users under the spotlight


18 February 2022
Coiniverse has been helping collectors to digitize their collections for nearly a year now. And has been developing with great leaps. Now it’s a great time to shed some light on what our users are doing with the application and who they are.

Users from all over the world

Coiniverse users come from all over the world – we have users from every continent, although majority of the users still come from Europe and especially from France, Spain, Germany and UK.

Coiniverse seems to be providing useful way to manage one’s collections whether the user is experienced or just starting the great hobby of coin collecting.

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Learn more about Coiniverse and download the application

We have collectors onboard from all age groups from under 18 year old to over 65 years of age with largest amount of users being 35 to 55 years of age.

History, interest for coins from all over the world and for digital services are common characteristics that bring our users together.

And they do come from all over the world – we have users from every continent, although majority of the users still come from Europe and especially from France, Spain, Germany and UK. 

It is such an inspiration to see that such a versatile group of collectors have found Coiniverse to help them mange their collections and get inspired by extraordinary coins and their stories. 

Browsing through the Coiniverse coin catalog, adding coins to collections and managing them actively are in the heart of the application and also the most used features in the app.

When adding the coins to collection the coin scanner is used by over one third of the users. Scanner also comes in handy when you get new coins and can quickly check the facts and learn about the designs of the coin. Search is still the king in finding the coin from Coiniverse and is used by clear majority. 

Users have also found our member mints and their coins in Coiniverse shop, which is no surprise as half of them purchase coins regularly. There is not that much of a difference between circulation and commemorative coins, which both are usually collected by Coiniverse users. With Coiniverse 2.0 we launched first social features that users have been really interested in.

At this point users can make their profile and chosen collections public if they wish to do so, and we’ve been very happy to see that number of public collections is rising in double digits.

And how to get started?

Just go to your profile and set it public and you’re all set to share your favorite collections for others to enjoy as well!   

Coiniverse is still far from being ready and we listen to our users constantly. One of the major issues users are asking for is more coins and we’re working to increase the database from various sources and with our mint members.

There will be more coins and coin data that is verified by the official mints in the future. With member mints we are also working on to provide users with latest coin releases and other quality content. 

If you have not yet downloaded the app and tried it out, now is the perfect time to join the community and start digitizing your collection. Let us also know your thoughts and development ideas so we can, together with all the member mints, help you get the most out of coin collecting.   

Learn more about Coiniverse and download the application

Bring your coin collection to life with Coiniverse, the world’s first social coin collecting app. 

Coiniverse is developed by the mints of the world with the help of the collector community, and aims to transform the finest hobby on the planet into the digital age.

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