Centenary of repatriation marked with $2 coloured circulating coin from Royal Australian Mint


24 April 2019
Royal Australian Mint has today announced a new circulating coloured $2 coin marking the centenary of repatriation for Australian soldiers and nurses after the First World War.

The centre of the coin depicts a graphic element taken from the First World War ‘Returned from Active Service’ badge.  The coin recognises work carried out a century ago by the Repatriation Department, who facilitated the safe return from war of tens of thousands of service people.


First World War ‘Returned from Active Service’ badges were issued to returning Australian soldiers between 1914 to 1919; the badge depicts the St Edward’s Crown with the rising sun. Below is a scroll with the text ‘AUSTRALIAN MILITARY FORCES’. Symbolically, the inclusion of this badge represents the commencement of the repatriation.


The badge featured on the new coin is framed by a circular colour print depicting black arrows and red and black petal motifs.  The arrows, inspired by the iconic Rising Sun, represent the journey home of Australian service personnel over the last 100 years.  The petals represent the Flanders Field poppy, an iconic symbol of remembrance, with each petal symbolising the six states and two territories of Australia.


Remembering sacrifice

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Royal Australian Mint CEO Ross MacDiarmaid said: “The coin is an enduring acknowledgement of vital efforts to provide support to Australian service people, while at the same time commemorating a century of service.


“As these coins begin to circulate across the country ahead of Anzac Day, we hope the coins will contribute to our nation’s memory of the sacrifices made by service people in this country.” 


The coin entered circulation on 8 April and will reach the nation’s wallets and change over the coming months.  For those looking to keep the coin, a Coloured Uncirculated ‘C’ Mintmark Coin is available for $15.00 from the Mint’s website or Contact Centre (1300 652 020). 


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