Canada wins Most Innovative Coin of the Year


29 September 2023
The Royal Canadian Mint’s 2022 5oz pure silver coin on the theme of the Canadian Ghost Ship has won the Coin of the Year Award in the Most Innovative category.

The dramatic artwork of artist Neil Hamelin illustrates the tale of the ghost ship, a haunting apparition of a three-masted ship whose sails appear to be ablaze.

Fishermen on Canada’s east coast claim to have seen the vision and set out to sea in a rescue attempt, only to have the mysterious ship suddenly vanish. The glowing image of the ghost ship, emerging before fishermen setting out in a dory on a stormy night, is revealed when a black light is shone on the reverse of this coin.

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Marie Lemay, president and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint, said that: ‘earning a Coin of the Year award is a tremendous world-wide recognition of our innovation and manufacturing excellence.

As tireless innovators, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to bring stories of Canada to life and it is very gratifying to see the black light-activated colour technology on our Canadian Ghost ship silver coin impress our industry peers as much as it does our customers.’

The annual Coin of the Year competition receives nominations from an international consortium of mint representatives and numismatists. The judging is conducted by an international panel of the world’s leading mint officials, medalists, journalists, central banks and museum officials.

The winners were selected from among 100 finalists in ten categories.

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