Australia's Donation Dollar wins coin award


22 November 2023
The Royal Australian Mint has been named the 'Best CashTech award winner' for its Donation Dollar programme at the CashTech Innovation Awards recently held in Turkey. 

The CashTech Innovation Awards were held during the Future of Cash Conference in Istanbul from 6-8 November 2023.

The Awards, organised by the French think tank CashEssentials, recognise innovations that 'facilitate access to and acceptance of cash'.

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The Royal Australian Mint's Donation Dollar program – released in 2020 – aims to engage all Australians in a moment of generosity, prompted by a simple $1 coin. According to the Mint, the intention behind the program is twofold:

  • to promote charitable behaviour
  • to provide a tangible, accessible way for people (who have the means to) to enjoy the benefit of giving a small amount more frequently

Assistant Minister for Treasury, Competition and Charities, The Hon. Dr Andrew Leigh said:

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“By reminding Australians of how good it can be to give to those in need the Donation Dollar is helping to build a more reconnected Australia. When we donate to others, we experience the well-known ‘helper’s high’ – the joy that comes from assisting others. It’s great to see the Mint’s Donation Dollar getting this kind of international recognition.”

Royal Australian Mint CEO Leigh Gordon said one Donation Dollar had been minted for every Australian as a reminder of the importance of giving back.

“The Donation Dollar is an example of where an innovation can inspire additional behaviours and the importance that cash can inject into the community. The number of people that have been inspired to make a donation by coming across a Donation Dollar far exceeds the value of that dollar,” Mr Gordon said.

Donation Dollars have been distributed through the banks since September 2020 with an estimated six million currently in circulation.

The coin is designed to be instantly recognisable with the words ‘Give to Help Others’ and a green centre with a gold ripple design emanating from the centre, symbolising the ongoing impact each donation dollar makes to those who need it most.

After being released, the Donation Dollar generated a reported additional $55m in incremental charitable giving.