American Samoa fruit bat is latest in America The Beautiful quarters programme


29 January 2020
The America the Beautiful Quarters® Programme coin celebrating the National Park of American Samoa features a unique design showing a female Samoan fruit bat with its baby.

The reverse of the coin showcases a Samoan fruit bat mother hanging in a tree with her pup, helping to raise awareness of the Samoan fruit bat’s status as a threatened species.

Three species of fruit bat can be found on the American islands of Samoa: two large fruit bats (Pteropus samoensis, P. tonganus) and a small insect-eating bat (Emballonura semicaudata).

The three species can be seen eating, feeding and hanging in trees - and the females of the species are careful mothers, weaning their babies for at least three months and then caring for them through to adulthood.

For more information visit the National Park of American Samoa website.

Coin details

Finish: Uncirculated

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Denomination: Quarter

Composition: 99.9% silver

Weight: 155.517g

Diameter: 76.20mm

To purchase the coin, visit the US Mint website.