Alexander the Great – Ancient Greece


25 August 2022
The Ancient Greek military leader is regarded as one of the finest generals in history

Known as Alexander lll and Alexander of Macedonia but going down in history as 'Alexander the Great', Alexander succeeded his father Philip 11 in 336BC, at the age of 20. Most of his reign was spent military campaigning, and the time he was 30 he had amassed one of the largest empires in history, stretching from Greece to India. He was educated by Aristotle, and undefeated in battle throughout his life. During his reign, the coins he minted included gold staters, silver tetradrachmas and drachmas, and bronze. He made no attempt to impose a universal coinage in his empire, and Persian coins continued to circulate in all the provinces.

This stunning gold coin bearing his profile is part of the Ancient Greece series.

Item 29992
Country Cook Islands (the)
Year 2022
Face Value 5 Dollars
Metal Gold .9999
Weight 0.5 g
Size 11 mm
Quality Silk finish
Mintage 15000
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