75th anniversary of D-Day marked with themed £2 coins from The Royal Mint


09 May 2019
The 75th anniversary of D-Day coin range features four new £2 coins that reflect the sacrifice made during the largest amphibious assault in military history.

Months in the planning, the attack that Adolf Hitler feared finally came and thanks to an elaborate deception campaign, not where he expected it.

On 6 June 1944 a huge invasion force left Britain's shores bound for northern France; a day that proved decisive in turning the tide of the Second World War. On the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings, the first phase of the Battle of Normandy, we look back at the largest amphibious assault in military history, and how securing the beachhead ultimately allowed Allied forces to fight all the way to Berlin, bringing six years of war to an end.

D-Day coins

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The Royal Mint has announced the release of four new coins:

  • Limited edition £2 gold proof coin
  • £2 Silver Proof Piedford coin
  • £2 Silver Proof coin
  • £2 Brilliant uncirculated coin

To order the coins, visit The Royal Mint's website.

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