Delcampe International SRL


The collectors’ marketplace, with a huge range of coins and banknotes.

Since October 1, 2000, Delcampe is your partner for collectable items. We have earned the trust of over 1,000,000 members around the world.

Why Delcampe?

1) Delcampe is a community:

  • Our members share their opinions and know-how on the collectors' forum.
  • The rules of courtesy and conviviality described in our Charter govern our transactions.
  • Regular communication between the website and members via newsletters and our social networks.

2) Delcampe means values:

  • Creativity: we search for helpful, innovative solutions to provide ever-better quality service.
  • Reliability: postal verification and the use of secure payment methods enables our members to execute their transactions with complete confidence.
  • Simplicity: our tools are easy for all members to use.

3) Delcampe is made to measure:

  • Customer service is in six different languages.
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