CIT Coin Invest AG


Each year, CIT releases over 350 new stunning high quality premium coins, exciting coin fans around the world.

50 Years ago, no one would have thought that an unknown coin dealer from Liechtenstein would one day be a global player in modern numismatics. In fact, anyone predicting that a small-time coin dealer would be creating some of the most coveted modern numismatics would have been considered crazy.

But the story is true. Passion, curiosity, vision and the relentless pursuit of innovation led CIT to develop and grow their business, successfully competing with the world’s largest international mints. With strong leadership and a world-class team of experts, CIT is known for its’ nimble operations, flexibility, creativity, and strong customer orientation.

Many of CIT’s innovations are now part of the international standard and have found their way into the world of mainstream commemorative coins. Each year, CIT releases over 350 new stunning high quality premium coins. It is thrilling that these pieces of art excite coin fans around the world.

Despite the success, CIT has no plans to sit back and rest. CIT looks forward to working with their partners to overcome the challenges of the global marketplace.  The future holds great ideas, cutting-edge technology, stunning products, and happy customers. CIT is ready!

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