‘Triple Unite’ coin sold for £123,000


23 June 2023
The British Collection sold by Sinconia on 15 May included an extremely rare ‘Triple Unite’ coin from the English Civil War, described as in magnificent condition (lot 1617).

The coin was minted in Oxford at New Inn Hall in 1642, the first year of the war, when the king moved from London to Oxford after the battle of Edgehill.

The New Hall Inn mint was one of England’s oldest mints, dating from c.871AD until the end of the reign of Edward the Confessor in 1066.

Although it had been in decline, it was revived by Charles I when he came to Oxford. The coin featured an image of a tall, narrow bust of King Charles I (1625–49) on the obverse.

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The king is in armour and holds a sword and an olive branch.  The ‘plume’ mintmark of Oxford appears behind the king.

Produced at a time of duress, these coins represent the largest hammered English gold denomination ever produced at a face value of £3. Only struck in 1642, 1643 and 1644, there are 24 different varieties of these coins struck in Oxford, with another struck in Shrewsbury in 1942.

SOLD FOR £123,372