Silver didrachm fetches over £13,000


09 February 2024
Heritage held a World Coins Showcase Auction on 14 November. Dating from c.248–230 BC, the auction included a silver didrachm – an example of the first silver coin of Rome (lot 22088).

These coins first appeared during the wars against Pyrrhus and disappeared during the Punic Wars because of the shortage of silver. Minted in Rome, the didrachm were struck on the Campanian standard and the didrachms of Naples.

On the obverse, there was a youthful head of Mars, facing to the right, wearing a crested Corinthian helmet pushed back on his head, while a vertical club was shown behind the portrait.

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The reverse had the inscription ‘ROMA’ below a free horse rearing to the right on a short ground line, with a club above.

The coin, expertly centred on blue-violet surfaces, made $17,500.

SOLD FOR £13,863