Records broken at Baldwin's


17 March 2023
The first Baldwin's auction of the year was a huge success, with records broken and many collectors taking part, both online and in the room. See some of the highlights of the sale in our auction report.

Auction 109 took place on 9 March 2023 and you click here to view the full prices realised.

Should you be visiting the Midland Coin Fair in Birmingham, all the unsold items from the Auction will be available to purchase. 

Lot 185 - Charles II (1660‑1685), hammered coinage (1660‑1662), second issue, Unite, mm. crown, laur. Bust left, mark of value XX behind, reverse crowned, garnished oval shield dividing C R, wt. 9.01gms. (S.3304; N.2754, Bull 125). Choice extremely fine and well struck, conservatively graded by NGC as MS 61.

Hammer Price £26,000

Lot 282 - Victoria (1837‑1901), Proof Gothic Crown struck in pure Silver, 1847, plain edge, crowned gothic style bust left, WW incuse on truncation for the engraver William Wyon RA, trefoil and arc border, legend in lower case Gothic script , reads VICTORIA DEI GRATIA BRITANNIAR REG FD.

Rev, crowned cruciform shields, emblems in angles above ornamental cross hatching, garter star at centre, w incuse on inner border either dies of top crown, reads TUEATUR UNITA DEUS ANNO DOM MDCCCXLVII, edge plain (s.3883; Bull 2577; ESC.291). Encapsulated by NGC as “Pure Silver PF62 Cameo”.

Hammer Price £33,000

Lot 176 - Charles I (1625‑49), Halfcrown, Worcester mint (1644‑45), initial mark leopard’s head [1643‑44] on obverse only, crowned armoured figure of thin king on horseback with upright sword, legend reads CAROLVS DG MAG BRIT FRAN ET HIB REX. Rev, reverse crowned oval, garnished shield, reads CHRISTO * AVSPICE * REGNO, stars in legend, 13.06g (S.3106; N.2597; Brooker 1156A; Allen F‑28).

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Toned with a pleasing mint bloom around the periphery, horseman exceptional and the inner details and lines of horse crisp, legend coherent, edge flan striking flaws, leopard initial mark definitive. Rev, some annealing metal flaws, quartered coat of arms impressive, stars in legend clear. Good extremely fine for what in more cases than others is a weakly struck crude type. Very rare.

Hammer Price £11,000


China, Fukien, silver 10 Cents, no date (1903‑1908), Fukien mint, small dragon variety (LM 293; K. 126; KM Y‑103.2). In NGC holder graded MS 66. Lustrous. The finest known in NGC population.

Hammer Price £4,800

Lot 49 - Nero (AD 54‑68) AV Aureus, Rome, AD 64‑65, 7.33g. Laureate head of Nero right. Rev. The Colossus of Nero standing facing, wearing a radiate crown, holding branch and Victory on globe. (RIC 46; BMC 56; Calico 402).

Nearly Extremely Fine. Some marks in the reverse right field.

Hammer Price £5,000