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A quick guide to Swedish krona coins
In his latest guide to collecting coins, Michael Burzan examines the krona currency of King Oscar II, who was the last…
02 January 2024
Coin guide: Franz Joseph I ducats
The ducat was a coin and currency used and minted frequently and over long periods in various parts of Europe, from the…
02 November 2023
An overweight Isle of Man coin
An overweight Isle of Man crown attracts the attention of Michael Burzan in his regular guide to numismatic treasures.
04 September 2023
Coin varieties and values: Switzerland’s 5 Francs
Michael Burzan provides a collecting guide to the highest nominal circulation coin in Switzerland, the 5 Franc, which…
27 June 2023
U.S. Rare Coin Market Continued to Soar in 2022
Record-setting prices for high-quality U.S. coins defied the trend of declining asset values of other collectables…
13 January 2023
How to use coin auction records
The relentless march of technology has given today’s coin collectors the tools to quickly and easily research the…
22 June 2022
How to sell your coins
Have you inherited a coin collection that you're interested in selling or are you curious to know the value of your…
12 January 2022
Price guide: Queen Victoria 'Bun Penny' 1860-1894
How much should you pay for a Queen Victoria Penny, issued between 1860 and 1894? Find out in our guide to prices paid…
04 January 2022
How to choose a coin dealer
Choosing a trader is an important part of collecting coins. Find a trusted, knowledgeable dealer to work with and your…
20 May 2021

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