Greek gold sold in Germany


22 December 2023
A gold aureus from the reign of Emperor Licinius I (308–24) was a highlight of the recent Rönesans auction of Ancient and Medieval Coins.

Minted in the Greek city of Nicomedia, the coin featured a right-facing portrait of the emperor on the obverse, with the inscription ‘LICINIVS AVGVSTVS’ (Licinius the emperor).

On the reverse, there was an image of Jupiter standing left, who was holding Victory on a globe in his right hand and a long sceptre in his left, while at his feet, there was an eagle standing to the left, with its head right, holding a wreath in its beak.

The inscription on the reverse, ‘IOVI CONSERVATORI/SMNЄ’, invoked Jupiter as protector.

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Measuring 20.5mm, the coin reached €4,600.

SOLD FOR £3,992

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