Druid coin set for auction


14 September 2022
A rare Iron Age coin, thought to have been minted by a Druid king over two-thousand years ago, is one of many Celtic rarities to be auctioned in November by Chris Rudd of Norwich.

The coin is a silver unit of Diassu, a ruler of the Catuvellauni tribe in Hertfordshire.

Dr Xavier Delamarre, a Celtic etymologist, thinks that the name Diassu may be a religious title. Dr John Sills, a leading Celtic numismatist, believes that Diassu may have been a Druid as well as a ruler.

Other rarities in the same sale include a silver coin of Boduoc with a walrus moustache and long flowing beard, perhaps a sign of ‘sacral kingship’ says Dr Daphne Nash Briggs, and a silver coin of Vellaracan, who may have been related to Vellocatus, armour-bearer of Venutius and lover of his wife, Cartimandua, queen of the Brigantes of northern Britain.

Diassu Saltire silver unit,
c.AD1-10, ABC 2742, estimate £1,250


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Boduoc Old Head silver unit,
c.25-5 BC, ABC 2045, estimate £2,000

Vellaracan silver half unit,
c.AD 35-45, ABC−, estimate £3,000

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