Dix Noonan Webb become 'Noonans'


28 April 2022
Coin auctioneers Dix Noonan Webb (DNW) have shortened their name to NOONANS. The renowned auctioneers who have specialised in Medals and Coins for many years will continue to be based at their Mayfair saleroom in London.

Nimrod Dix, Deputy Chairman of Noonans said:

'When I first founded the business back in 1990 the Internet was barely a thing, customers viewed their lots in person and on sale days the saleroom was packed with eager bidders.'

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'Now, more than thirty years later our audience is spread across the globe and many of our customers interact with us solely via online technology without ever attending a sale. As a result of this seismic shift in the way that much of our business is transacted there has never been a better time for us to strengthen our company’s corporate branding.'

In relation to the shortening of the company name from Dix Noonan Webb to Noonans, Nimrod Dix commented:

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'There really wasn’t much to debate when it came to which one of our surnames to run with. Pierce had the more suitable one of the three of us and was also by far the youngest, so that was an easy decision to make.'

Pierce Noonan, CEO of Noonans added:

'While all of the fundamentals of our business remain unchanged, we hope that the launch of our improved website and new corporate branding will serve to level up the balance between the substance and style of our offering, providing an enhanced experience to the many clients that interact with us exclusively online.

'This step change in our visual identity also provides us with an opportunity to reposition our company for future expansion into other specialist fields.'