Victorian medal and 1847 Crown sold at Tennants


06 December 2019
The recent coins sale at Tennants included a rare Queen Victoria Gold Diamond Jubilee Medal in uncirculated condition, and a range of rare coins including an 1847 Crown and a beautiful counter-marked Mexico City 8 Reales coin…

A 56mm large version of the official Queen Victoria Gold Diamond Jubilee Medal by G.W. de Saulles was perhaps the highlight of the auction. The medal, in 'about uncirculated' condition and in its original Royal Mint red box, was described as being 'The best example our valuer has seen in his forty years experience.'

SOLD FOR £3,200

A Victoria Young Head Crown of 1847 with ‘Gothic’ type, edge UNDECIMO (S.3883), in lightly toned and nearly extremely fine condition sold for £850.


A George III Pillar Type Coin countermarked on a 1794 Mexico City 8 Reales was offered with an estimate of £200-300 fetched £480. The 26.82-grams coin boasted a 'Very Fine' condition.


The auction also featured a nice collection of Guineas ranging from Charles II to more recent, and featuring rare dates such as 1763, 1764 and 1770. 

A George III Guinea 1764 S3726 F Rare fetched £650.

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A rare George III Guinea 1763 S3726 AVF sold for the same price…


…and a George III Guinea 1770 S3727 F fetched £620.


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