'Black Prince' coin sold in London


29 December 2023
Among the British coins at the recent Harmers of London sale, was an extremely fine example of Anglo-Gallic coinage from the reign of Edward the Black Prince, Prince of Aquitaine (1362–72).

From the Bordeaux mint, this very rare gold Pavilion d’Or featured a standing figure of the Black Prince, wearing a rose wreath, who was holding a sword up in his right hand and raising his left hand. At his feet were two leopards couchant, while to left and right, there were two ostrich feathers with tips curved inward.

All were within an ornate Gothic portico. On the reverse, there was an ornate cross quernée with ‘Є’ in the centre, with a lion passant and lis in opposite quarters; all set within an arched quadrilobe on a quadrate frame with roses in the angles and pelleted trilobes in the external voids.

This well-centred example, with an excellent depiction of the Black Prince made £10,000.

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SOLD FOR £10,000

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