Baldwin's launch digital fixed price list 2023


20 February 2023
A broad selection of Ancient, Medieval, British, World & Islamic Coins are on offer from Baldwin's in their latest fixed price list.

In this digital catalogue, you’ll find a selection of ancient coins from across the Greek and Roman worlds, including splendid silver pieces from Greek Italy and Sicily (#2-14) and a very attractive stater of Alexander the Great (#18).


Greek rarities on offer

The Greek coins are followed by four cast bronze coins issued at the time of the Second Punic War, including a large Bronze As (#42). Next are a host of Republican denarii (#43-49) and Imperial coins, including silver denarii of the Twelve Caesars and a very affordable aureus of Hadrian for its grade (#60).

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British coins

The British coins although a shorter section than usual, features various exceptional and rare examples. The highlight of the hammered gold is a superb James I Rose Ryal in EF condition, in the hammered silver a pleasing Crown of Edward VI, 1551 and a delightful Groat of Richard III.

In the milled gold section is a bold Two Guinea of Charles II 1678/7, which once graced the collection of Archbishop Sharp. An impressive ‘fine work’ Two Guineas of 1701 also features.

In the milled silver section is a James II Crown in about Extremely Fine condition. The copper highlight is a Pattern Queen Anne Halfpenny with virtually full mint red lustre, followed by three very Victoria copper pennies.


World coins

The World Coins selection in this Fixed Price List offers a range of interesting European coins and ever-popular South American silver cobs. The selection opens with two impressive Double Talers of the Holy Roman Empire followed by colonial silver cobs minted in Potosi, Bolivia.

From French coins, the highlight is a Louis d’or of the Sun King Louis XIV which is graded among the finest known in its category. Italy is represented by medieval silver coins of various Italian states and republics including Lucca, Ferrara, Pisa, Milan, Sicily and Venice.

Finally, this list is concluded by medieval Spanish silver Reales and Dineros minted in Sevilla. Stunning Reales minted during King Enrique II are particularly notable in quality.

We hope you will enjoy our new catalogue!