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What are your 50p, £2 and 10p coins worth? Find out in this special issue of Coin Collector, dedicated to collecting modern coins.

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Coin Collector – Summer Special

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What's in this Book?

This special souvenir issue of Coin Collector is the perfect guide to anyone with an interest in collecting commemorative coins such as the Peter Rabbit, Paddington, and Olympics 2012 50p coins.

The full-colour A4 publication is both a souvenir of the UK's commemorative coins and an essential guide for collectors. 

Discover the stories behind the coins, add your own collecting notes, and tick off the coins you own. Find out how much your coins are worth, the errors and scarce varieties to look out for, and so much more, including…

  • Every 50p and £2 coin in detail
  • Complete your collection with checklists and price guides
  • How to value your coins
  • Mistrikes and myths explained
  • Latest mintage figures
  • Includes space for your notes

The Summer Special is produced in association with CHANGE CHECKER, the modern coin experts, with special guides throughout the publication.

  • How many Olympics 50ps are there and how much are they worth?
  • Which £2 coins command prices of over £10?
  • When did the Queen's portrait on our coins change?
  • How many 50p, 10p and £2 coins do you own, and which do you still need?

Answer these questions and many more with this special issue - the perfect gift for the coin collector in your life!

Please note: some content in the summer special was previously published in 'the bookazine Collect Modern Coins'.

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