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Roman coins found in Britain, the latest on the 26 new 10p's, and NEW collecting guides

On Sale: 10/08/2018

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What's in this Issue?

Inside Coin Collector Issue 2 you can enjoy:

- In an exclusive article written by Gareth Williams, Curator of Early Medieval Coins and Viking Collections at the British Museum, we provide an in-depth guide to Viking coins, revealing the many different varieties and how collectors can own these remarkable pieces of history.

- We conclude our guide to ‘Monarchs and their money’ with a summary of the lives, times and coinage of Richard III, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and Charles I; continue our ‘Best of British’ series with a summary of Romano-British coins; and provide a guide will to the history of paper money in Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey in our regular banknotes feature.

- One of the most popular sections of the new magazine ‘The British Numismatist’ will once again bring you details of the very latest exhibitions, discoveries and thinking, brought to you by the UK’s top numismatic curators, authors and experts, and will include a fascinating interview with Dr Rory Naismith, expert in medieval history and coins.

- With a look at the intriguing ‘encased stamp’ coins used during the currency shortage of the US Civil War, and the usual range of news stories, latest coin issues, Change Checker scarcity index, and much more, the second issue of Coin Collecting is set to be another hugely popular edition of the new magazine.

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