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Advice on starting a medals collection
Read these top tips for starting a collection of medals
04 February 2020
How much is a shilling worth?
The shilling (1/-) was a coin used in the United Kingdom and its dependencies, worth one twentieth of a pound sterling,…
13 October 2019
How much does a penny weigh?
The weight of contemporary US cent (also known as a penny) is 2.5g whilst a British penny is 3.56g. Find out more about…
13 October 2019
How to tell if a coin is fake
A modern plague threatens collectors and investors with an increasing number of fake coins being sold via the internet.…
08 July 2019
View from Europe: Germany’s search for a numismatic icon
Numismatics and precious metals writer Sebastian Wieschowski reflects on Germany’s tentative search for a numismatic…
15 May 2019
Ask the experts: Coin valuation with Change Checker
NEW SERIES! Change Checker answer questions on the history of your coins, the design and how much your coins are…
13 May 2019
How to start collecting English banknotes
Jonathan Callaway provides a guide to collecting English notes and the wide range of possible collecting themes.
10 May 2019
The anatomy of a coin explained
Discover the different elements of a coin with our quick video guide to a coin's anatomy, including terms such as…
09 March 2019
Special Lake District currency boosts local commerce
Local businesses in the UK's beautiful Lake District are accepting the Lake District Pound (LD£), a unique currency…
21 January 2019

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