Museum lauches 'Celtic Countdown' to acquire hoard


01 December 2021
A Lymington museum is asking for donations to enable them to acquire and exhibit a hoard of nearly 300 Celtic coins, which was discovered in a nearby field in 2018.

Back in 2018, a hoard of nearly 300 coins from the late Iron Age were found buried in muddy ground, not too far from St Barbe Museum in Lymington, Hampshire.

Now, in order to secure and display the Celtic Hoard at St Barbe, the Museum is taking part in 'The Big Give 2021', which runs for one week only from 30 November to 7 December.

A spokesperson for the Museum said: 

"This is a great campaign, because every single donation you make to us via The Big Give will be match funded. That means your £5 is worth £10 / £10 is worth £20 and so on. We are so close to our target – and you can help us get there.

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"Join our Celtic Countdown to raise £3,750 – which will be match funded to £7,500 – and help us exhibit this treasure at St Barbe to everyone to enjoy. Help us reach our target and secure the Celtic Hoard – tell you friends and family!"

According to Rosalyn Goulding, Collections and Engagement Manager, the coins are mainly silver and some feature designs not seen for thousands of years, including depictions of horses, boars and three men in a boat.

Historian Dan Snow recently visited  St Barbe to support the Celtic Countdown by recording a live stream and podcast with Trustee Professor Tony King.

They discussed the designs on the coins which really are striking examples including images of horses, boars and even three men in a boat – amazing detail considering 2000 years ago they had no magnifying glasses and only basic tools!  Another topic of conversation was why the coins were buried… perhaps to evade taxes, maybe to hide them and keep them safe or could be a gift to the gods?

Listen to the whole conversation on The History Hit podcast from this Thursday 2 December and find out more about the Celtic Countdown campaign on the St Barbe Museum website.

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