Japan reveal more Olympics coins


13 December 2019
The Finance Ministry of Japan has revealed the designs of the final set of Olympic coins, to be released later this year.

The twelve new coins, which bring the total of Japan’s Olympic and Paralympic Games coins to 37, include a 10,000-yen premium-grade gold coin (showing Torchbearers and the National Stadium), two 1,000-yen premium-grade silver coins (depicting boxing and wrestling), two 500-yen bi-colour clad coins (Thunder God and Wind God), and seven types of 100-yen clad coins (football, tennis, volleyball, mascot Miraitowa, cycling, wheelchair rugby, and mascot Someity). 

The reverse design of the 100-yen coins features the official emblem of Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, the reverse of the 500-yen coins also shows sport pictograms (modern pentathlon, golf, basketball, equestrian, handball, rowing, hockey, rugby, sailing, shooting, taekwondo, and triathlon) around the edge of the design, whilst the 1,000-yen silver coins feature cherry blossoms and ginkgo leaves alongside the emblem.

Coin technical specifications…

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Type 10,000-yen gold
1,000-yen silver
500-yen bicolor
clad coins
100-yen clad
Denomination 10,000 yen 1,000 yen 500 yen 100 yen
Material Gold Silver Nickel brass,
cupronickel, and copper
Cupronickel and
Quality Pure gold Pure silver Copper 75%,
Zinc 12.5%,
Nickel 12.5%
Copper 87.5%,
Nickel 12.5%
Weight 15.6 g 31.1 g 7.1 g 4.8 g
Diameter 26 mm 40 mm 26.5 mm 22.6 mm
Colors - White, black, blue, blue-purple, red, yellow, and green -
Other features Helical ridges,
Helical ridges,
latent image, etc.
Helical ridges, etc.
Number of coins to be issued 40,000 100,000 each 4,000,000 each 3,948,000 each
Application period
(estimated shipment date)
About three weeks from Wednesday,
February 19, 2020
(From around July 2020)
Scheduled time of exchange - Around July 2020
* The starting date of exchange, etc. will be announced by the Ministry of Finance around June 2020.
Sales price
(including tax)
122,223 yen 9,676 yen -


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