Covid-19 Update: the latest from the coin trade


14 April 2020
Once again we bring you the latest news and updates from coin traders and auction houses around the world, giving the information you need to keep collecting during the global lockdown.

Online auction site Delcampe have created a special webpage for Covid-19 updates. The advice form the website states: "During all this period, Delcampe stays by your side. Our staff works from home to prevent the spread of the virus and maintains all our services. You will not see any difference on the website… The purpose of this page is to keep you informed about the measures taken by Delcampe and to provide you with information about parcel shipments. It will be updated daily." Visit the special page

MA Shops have confirmed: 'Online orders are welcome as always and will be shipped directly.' Visit website

The Royal Canadian Mint are continuing with their coin issues, although the delivery of purchased products will be delayed. "As the Royal Canadian Mint takes measures to safeguard employee health and safety, and prioritizes manufacturing operations to support trade and commerce, it continues to offer high-quality collectibles to its loyal customers… Due to the suspension of certain operations as the Mint manages the health and safety of its employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, customer purchases will be safely held at the Mint until shipping can resume." Visit website

Steven Eichenbaum, CEO of NGC and PMG, recently commented: "This pandemic affects us all, and our thoughts are with our friends and clients throughout the global numismatic community. Every day the news is overwhelmingly negative, but the activity we are seeing in numismatics is one of the few bright spots. We are heartened that, even in these tumultuous times, the passion for numismatics remains strong." 

The sale of 'Important Coins of the Islamic World' at Morton & Eden has been rescheduled for 22 October 2020. A statement explains: "Morton & Eden is open for business but in the light of Government advice and restrictions imposed on businesses including auction houses, the St George Street offices will remain strictly closed to the general public for the time being. Please continue to check our website for updates, and we very much hope that all our clients and friends will remain safe and in good health at this difficult time." Find out more

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