Collectors look forward to new coins for 2020


18 December 2019
This year looks set to be another busy one for collectors of modern British coins, with The Royal Mint set to issue commemorative pieces on a range of different subjects, including dinosaurs and Team GB

With the Tokyo Olympic Games set to take place in July and August, a special Team GB 50p is being planned, adding to the wide selection of Olympics 50p coins issued leading up to and after the hugely successful London 2012 Olympics.

According to Change Checker more than 75% of the original London 2012 50p coins have now been removed from circulation by collectors.

Collectors of 50p coins will also be setting their sights on a new series of dinosaur coins. So far, three designs have been announced, depicting the Megalosaurus, Iguanodon and Hylaeosaurus, respectively.

The coins will also feature the name of the dinosaur and details of the scientist who discovered the fossils of the creature and the year of the discoveries; William Buckland (Megalosaurus, 1824), and Gideon Mantell (Iguanodon, 1825 and Hylaeosaurus, 1833).

There are a number of anniversaries being marked in 2020, and a £2 coin will commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. The coin’s reverse design will feature  a woman holding a newspaper aloft in a celebrating crowd set against the backdrop of the word VICTORY, accompanied by the inscription ‘VICTORY IN EUROPE DAY’ and the dates ‘1945 – 2020’. The lettering on the edge of the coin will read ‘JUST TRIUMPH AND PROUD SORROW’.

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Another £2 coin will celebrate the centenary of Agatha Christie’s first novel. The reverse of the coin will feature the design of a ‘nearly completed jigsaw puzzle’ with the final piece about to be inserted, accompanied by the inscription ‘1920 100 YEARS OF MYSTERY 2020’ and Agatha Christie’s signature. The coin shall have a grained edge and in incuse letters the inscription ‘LITTLE GREY CELLS’.

The 400th anniversary of The Mayflower, the voyage that took the Pilgrims from Plymouth to the ‘New World’ in 1620, will also be celebrated on coins from The Royal Mint, including a £2 piece. The reverse design will show a depiction of the Mayflower with the inscription ‘MAYFLOWER’ and the dates ‘1620 2020’; the edge lettering will read: ‘UNDERTAKEN FOR THE GLORY OF GOD’.

The 200th anniversary of the death of George III will be marked with a £5 coin, and we’ll also see coins featuring Queen on both sides this year. The rock band Queen are set to be honoured on our coinage, with the reverse of a cupro-nickel £5 coin to feature a keyboard, drum, bass and electric guitar accompanied by a microphone and the inscription ‘QUEEN’. Other coins in this series, with higher values, will also feature the inscription ‘MERCURY · MAY · TAYLOR · DEACON’, the names of the four members of the rock group. Read the Royal Proclamation about the Queen coin here. 

With a new James Bond film set for release this year, The Royal Mint will also be paying homage to the Ian Fleming character with a series of high value coins, starting with a £7,000 gold coin. A £10 silver coin will also be available, and each coin will feature a depiction of James Bond’s car accompanied by the 007 logo. Read the Royal Proclamation about the James Bond coin here.

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