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31 March 2020
In our quick guide we pick out five websites to help you carry on learning about coins and their history, including the many online exhibits and articles at renowned institutions such as Monnaie de Paris and The British Museum.

Right now many of the museums and mints around the world have shut their doors, if only there was some way we could take a look inside without having to physically go there… you can, and the brilliant Google Arts and Culture project opens up a world of possibilities for us to discover, view and learn about coins from around the world.

Why not take a trip to the Monnaie de Paris, where French coins have been minted for twelve centuries? You can view over 700 objects from the collections, find out more about the building's history, and even relax on the building's roof overlooking the River Seine.

Fancy a trip to The British Museum and you can use Google Street View to wander around many of the exhibits, and there are no crowds, so you can browse the Egyptian treasures in your own time.

Sadly the Money Room isn't accessible via this facility, but there are many other ways to gain an insight into the coins held in the London institution:

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The American Numismatic Association website has to be one of the most comprehensive of its kind, and the Virtual Exhibits page is definitely one to bookmark, featuring stories and numismatic items from the Edward C. Rochette Money Museum.

The Royal Mint Museum website is another useful and free guide to the history of our coins. Search the extensive collection, read the latest blogs, and enjoy the latest online exhibition, which is entitled 'Benedetto Pistrucci’s St George and the dragon'. Of course, you can also read in-depth guides to British coins written by the Museum's Director Dr Kevin Clancy, in Coin Collector magazine.

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