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09 September 2022
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Fancy receiving a free 30-page e-book packed with information and value about UK 50p coins?

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What's in the e-book?

Discover the history of the British 50p piece, from 1969 to 2022, with this PDF guide to designs and mintage figures.

This 31-page guide includes:

  • Official mintage figures 
  • 50p timeline 
  • Collector notes and tips
  • Estimated values
  • Includes separate list of uncirculated 50p coins 

What do I need to do to get my copy?

Simply complete and submit the registration form, making sure you tick the box to receive the free All About Coins Newsletter; you will receive an email to confirm your registration, and details of how to download the handy 30-page checklist.

What's the catch?

There isn't one! We'll send you a free newsletter a few times a month packed with the latest news and offers.

Of course there's no obligation to stick around, but we think you'll really love the newsletter, and we'd love for you to find out more about us, about Coin Collector, and how we can help you build your coin knowledge, and build your collection!

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