£2 error coin fetches £420


05 July 2021
A 'double strike' £2 coin has sold for £420 on eBay after 28 bids, prompting the sale of the coin to be reported in the national press.

The unusual £2 coin featured a double strike on both sides and its sale on internet auction site eBay involved ten bidders and 28 bids as the coin's sale price rose to £420.

The item description explained: 

"A double struck (off centred / faulty)  £2 coin circa 2010. I am unable to give much detail regarding condition / grading as these were a late relatives and in a box of coins he'd collected. The coin would benefit from a good cleaning (but I have been informed from a well qualified collector of coins to leave alone and not clean, so I will send in the condition it is in, albeit 'dirty')."

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The seller also stated that they have other examples that they will be selling over the coming weeks.

Whilst finding a double strike variety in your loose change is very unlikely, the £2 coin has been in circulation since 1997 and over the years there has been over 50 different designs, some of which are rare and worth looking out for. Find out more with our guide to rare £2 coins.