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09 September 2021
Coin Collector is your quarterly guide to the world of coins, packed with advice, information and inspiration to help you improve your knowledge and your collection. Find out more…

Produced by the team behind the allaboutcoins website, the quarterly magazine Coin Collector read by thousands of enthusiasts around the world via the print and digital editions.

Each issue is packed with collecting advice, in-depth guides, the latest news, and hints and tips to improve and build your collection. Articles in recent issues have included:

  • Soldino, Curazo, Real… your guide to the foreign coins widely used in England during the 16th century
  • ‘Bloody Mary’s money’, Dr Murray Andrews examined the coinage used during the reign of Mary I and revealed a tumultuous period of British history which forever changed the nation’s attitudes to religion and money
  • An in-depth guide to the coins of Oliver Cromwell looking back to the Commonwealth of England
  • An exclusive look back at the history of The Royal Mint

Experts writing for the magazine include curators, authors and world-renowned numismatists.

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Magazine subscription and digital edition

One of the most popular ways to read Coin Collector is with an annual subscription, which allows you to read every issue for as little as £15.99 per year.

The digital edition is also hugely popular, giving collectors around the world the chance to read the magazine at the touch of a button.