Zebra on new Sierra Leone coin


19 April 2022
The last issue in the 'WILD 5 2022 Coin Collection' has been issued by Pobjoy Mint, featuring the Zebra.

Produced on behalf of the Bank of Sierra Leone this Limited Edition coin has been produced in 2oz Proof Fine Silver and in High Relief. The coin is also available in Cupro Nickel.

The final coin in the series features perhaps the most stylish of African animals – the Zebra.

Just like human fingerprints, the striped pattern of each Zebra is unique to each individual. Although they may appear to be badly camouflaged, when they are in a herd the distinct stripes merge into a big mass and make it extremely difficult for predators to single out individual animals.

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The coin has been produced in magnificent High Relief in 2oz Proof Fine Silver and is also available in Unc. Cupro Nickel. The design features the head of a Zebra in relief with the word “ZEBRA” whilst the obverse of the coin shows the coat of arms of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

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