The medals of the Medallic Art Co (MACO)


05 October 2020
Jesse Kraft, of the The American Numismatic Society, presents the new website dedicated to the Medallic Art Co (MACO) archives, an incredible collection of over 15,000 medals.

In this special video for allaboutcoins, Jesse Kraft, Assistant Curator of American Numismatics at the American Numismatic Society, introduces the ongoing project to digitise and add historical context to the Medallic Art Co collection, which was purchased by the Society in 2017.


About the Medallic Art Company

The Medallic Art Company was founded in New York City around 1907, and for more than a century it produced the work of America’s finest artists, as well as served countless non-profit and for-profit institutions in their desires to produce commemorative, award, and other medals.  

Until its demise, many of the most famous awards in the United States, including the Pulitzer Prize Medal, the Randolph Caldecott medal, and many of the official medals of Presidential inaugurations, were produced at the Medallic Art Company.

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Scores of notable portraits were also made there, commissioned from many of the most famous artists of their day. The beautiful medals and larger galvanos they left represent an almost complete Who’s-Who of 20th-century America.  In addition, many major companies had logos turned into medallic or sculptural plaques by MACO.  

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